Traditional Painting


What could be more personal than a portrait of your loved one?

$75 for 11×14 $135 for 16×20 Larger portrait prices on request. $35 for each additional person on approval. Add 50% for a full body pose. Photos must be clear, distinct and as close to the subject as possible. No copyrighted photos are accepted without permission from the photographer. All portraits require a 50% non refundable down payment and will be done in the order they are received. An estimated date can be given for completion of your portrait on request. When the portrait is completed I will email you a photo of the painting. When the remaining 50% is received, the painting will be shipped.

Prices do not include shipping and handling.

Prices may vary if you have a complicated background (such as a tapestry in the background, complicated fabric pattern, outdoor scene or as in the case of a bride with a bouquet and a very detailed gown or veil).

It is best to scan and send the photos for approval before any deal is made. Sending 2 or 3 other photos will be very beneficial to a more successful portrait.