Having a portrait painted of your favorite pet is a popular way to display your best friend to everyone. Many people chose to have a painting made after a pet has passed away. Many also have one done simply for decoration.

Tips for Photographing Your Pet:

  • Do not shoot down at your pet but get as close to your subject matter as possible and on their level or have someone hold your pet up in their arms while you take their photo.
  • The better the photo, the higher quality painting you will receive.
  • Outdoor lighting is best (morning sun is very good).

The following photographs will show you how to correctly photograph your pet so that you can get the best possible painting of your furry friend.

Example 1:

bad pet picture

This is an example of a poor photograph. It is shot from above, looking down on the subject.

Example 2:

good pet picture

This is a much better shot where you can see the subject’s entire face. The photographer must get level with the subject and get as much of the pet in the frame as possible.

Example 3:

another good example

This is another good photograph. It clearly displays the face.

Pet memorial stones available in the greater Quad City Area (Iowa Illinois) only. More information available on request.

Pet portrait fees: